WordPress Website Maintenance

If you have a WordPress website, maintenance is a necessity. If you don't keep things up to date you will get hacked! And having your site hacked will cost way more to clean up than a small monthly routine maintenance program. Not to mention a PR crisis.

Best security practices include keeping your software up to date to ensure all security patches are in place. This is in the form of website maintenance. With WordPress maintenance, you will need to focus not only on WordPress core itself but also all your plugins. Thousands of security updates are getting pushed on a continuous basis via the WordPress plugin repository. We utilize wpscan that alerts us of their security alerts that are specific to your website.

What's include in our maintenance service

Strong Password Policy
Passwords are your first line of defense. You need to have a strong password policy. If you are not enforcing a password policy you will likely have security issues with your website. We might ask you to update all your passwords to match what we consider good password practices. This would include 12-36 letters with one lowercase, one uppercase, one number and one special character.

Admin Login Lockdown
The best approach to detour automated attacks on your WordPress website is renaming the default admin login url. This will keep them from even attempting to brute force login to your website. Disabling XML-RPC is also a must, which we do to all our customer's websites. On average this will stop 10K+ automated attacks on your server each month!

Continuous Software Updates
Our routine maintenance plan is the most affordable prices on the internet. And best of all it's done by an actual human, not automated with a robot that could actually break your website. With a human inspecting the update, we can catch any breaking changes and address them right away. Generally if it's a simple break we fix it at no additional cost. Your automated robot won't do that! For larger breaks we roll back to the previous version and send a quote for what it will cost to fix the broken elements.

Implement an automated backup system. Typically set to store locally on your server but can setup a remote option if you would like. A back up is a fail safe incase there are some zero day vulnerabilities that get discovered and your site does end up getting compromised.


WPsecure is a Dallas, TX based company that focuses on WordPress maintenance. Our very affordable WordPress maintenance plan includes everything we have listed above. We implement all these best practices for you. So you can focus on running your business with peace of mind. Servicing but not limited to Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Frisco, Denton and more.

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